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Enjoy a magical trip through the imagination of SarahKate and the women she paints.

  • Testimonial

    "I love my body, but absolutely struggle with self-consciousness sometimes just like the next person does. I often find myself coming up against the cultural beliefs and expectations about body image (lack) over my own inner beliefs and values (abundance and self-love).

    "But thanks to SarahKate Butterworth, I had the opportunity (again!) to not only embrace, but LOVE the parts of my body I struggle the most with - because we adorned them with henna and then photographed them! So vulnerable! And empowering!"

    Posted by   SarahKate

  • Testimonial

    One mama wrote about her baby blessing ceremony: "Yesterday was beautiful. One of my beautiful mama friends organized a baby blessing way ceremony for me and the twins. They washed and massaged my feet with rose oil and petals, shared beautiful songs and shred some very touching and sweet words of wisdom and love. They all wished met he strength and courage to reach out when I need help; which is something I know is always really hard for me and I appreciate the loving reminders truly. 

    "I noticed the struggle within me to receive and accept someone else organizing something for me, taking care of everything, and sitting in a chair being adorned with henna whilst the women in the circle pampered me and made me feel so incredibly loved in many ways. I managed to surrender and soak it all in fully; feeling humbled and deeply grateful for the beatitude community and all the love and support they nourish me with. 

    "@ArtfullMother is a legend in the Boulder area, for her beautiful henna work adorning pregnant bellies and making women feel special and beautiful. Her soft and sweet presence added such a beautiful element to the gathering, I wish for every woman to one day get adorned by her!"

    Posted by   SarahKate

  • Liquid healing flowing down as a Henna Crown

     Yesterday's art!

    I was excited when this lovely mama requested a water element in her design.  She's been visualizing healing liquid being poured on top of her head and as I adorned her I felt it and let it move my hand.

     I began with a spiral in the center of head and let the design flow through. Flowers were also a request so out spun flower after flower, flowing in the healing liquid. Leaves and bits of ivy found themselves worked in spontaneously. 

      Not just the head but flowing down the neck, over the shoulder and to her port. 

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  • The leaves blowing in the wind

    This mama was feeling the tree-vibe! I loved hearing her stories of how she'd been harvesting apples at different locations around the Boulder area the past few weeks.

    A nod to autumn in the blowing leaves in the design. Fall is HERE in Colorado! Thankfully, the wind blowing her silk back is a warm one... but soon... I'm sure the snow will be in the air.  

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  • Fall in Colorado!

    What a joy to photograph during this time of year! This lovely mama was a lot of fun to work with. We started in the studio and did several nude photos with rose petals and then brought those rose petals outside to enjoy. During the photo shoot this mama surprised me by tossing the petals up so they fell right around her - gorgeous! I love how the trees change this time of year in Colorado.... we were photographing near my new studio in Louisville, Colorado. 

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  • I love it when I see a mom for her 2nd pregnancy after adorning her for her 1st.... It is always so wonderful to catch up and hear how things have gone on the journey of Motherhood. 

    As she described her request for a tree with spirals, I felt this design come through. I haven't done something this thick in a while and I'm so pleased with how it came out. 

    I am sure she feels grounded! 

    We included 2 humming birds for her children. I am looking forward to photographing this mama with peaking henna tomorrow!


    Posted by   SarahKate