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My Speciality is honoring motherhood with Henna Tattoos. I love to adorn pregnant and breastfeeding women with henna then make beautiful photos for them. I live in Lafayette, CO and travel the front range from Colorado Springs, Denver and as far North as Fort Collins to find my living works or art. I am also the creative director of Artfull Mother magazine - a local magazine devoted to the interests of mothers and the art that empowers them!

  • What happens when you have henna while you birth?

    Something rare and beautiful! 

    Henna is temporary body art, lasting a week or two, so it's hard to know if the henna will be there for the birth - which has mysterious timing. Roughly 60% of women give birth within a week of their "due date". 

    I have been asked many time to adorn a woman for her birth, and about half the time we make it before labor starts! Here are some examples of birthed artwork I've been able to document over the years.

    The photo above with deer in the design happened this last December! See more photos in the Winter Issue of Artfull Mother. 

    These gorgeous twins are our grandsons! Some times the timing just works out beautifully - we arrived 3 days before she gave birth (at 39 weeks!) and so I had time to adorn our lovely daughter Aleah, and Rob and I photographed her glowing in silky things. 

    Kala was actually the first mama to ever request henna for her birth, and we began her sessions 2 weeks before her due date. Every 4 days or so I would meet with her to retrace the design. She gave birth right around her due date.

    I have taken all these photos, with the exception of this last one with Monet (below), who was photographed by Rebecca Walsh for her blessing and Jennifer Mason for her birth. Read her birth story and see more photos in our magazine, Artfull Mother

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  • When this mama came into my studio, she had a feeling her design should include tree images. In fact, her unborn baby will have a tree name! I pulled out a bunch of ideas and she picked one that I created a variation off of, with pine cones, acorns, snowy mountains and the moon.


    I absolutely LOVE creating art like this. 

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  • Celebrating through the years

      I have been adorning women for pregnancy as an ongoing art project since 2008, which means that some women have celebrated several pregnancies with me. It is always such an amazing thing to do this, and get to see the mama blossom, to see her children grow. Ali has been a pleasure to get to know. 

      Her first design has two trees growing together, and 2 birds - one for each son. 

      The 2nd design has more of a watery feel - the family was about to take an adventure near the ocean at this point! Three birds represent her 3 children (with one more on the way). 

      The 3rd design involved symbols from the medicine wheel she's been studying. A panther, serpent, humming bird and eagle. Also, we added a blooming lotus.  

      After this last pregnancy, we did postpartum henna (with a hummingbird!) and Ali brought her whole family for photos in our studio. What a beautiful family! 

    I also included the photo of all their hands in the latest issue of our magazine, Artfull Mother:

    Check it out! It's free to read online: http://artfullmother.com/

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  • A prolific artist with many mediums

    I love to pass the time with doodling and drawing, it's been a passion of mine since I was a child. Lately I have really dove deeply into this art form and began adding color digitally.

    I also paint walls! One of my favorite murals from 2016 is Saraswati. For this project I spent hours researching and drawing before I began painting on the wall. 

    I am currently working on a coloring book that will include this goddess along with many other drawings, including the already realeased sneak peak on mama and baby birds.

    In December, I had a lot of fun creating this Window Mural as part of a Yuletide Widow Walk in Denver.

    Here's a quick little slideshow of me digitally coloring some art (below). The art started out as a design I drew on an envelope with a sharpie. I then photographed it and put it through photoshop for coloring.

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  • Murals by SarahKate

    I love creating murals! One of my favorite murals from 2016 is Saraswati. For this project I spent hours researching and drawing before I began painting on the wall. 



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  • Celebrating Winter Pregnancies

    I loved the necklace this mama came in wearing - it was from her pregnancy blessing from her first pregnancy. She requested a tree with swirls and I was off and painting. She returned with her family for photos in the studio as well as out in the snow! Her daughter was so sweet, what a joy. 

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  • Snow Day Henna Celebrations

    This lovely young mama came to my home studio with requests for a mandala. I adorned her for about 90 minuets and after drying the henna, we took some photos.

    It was snowing outside, so we just stepped out side for a few minutes to snap a few photos of her by the snow-covered roses. I love how the wonderful variety of weather we get here in Colorado! At our new home studio in Lafayette, it's so much easier to get photos like this. Just after we took these snowy images, we slipped back into our warm home - so no one ever gets too cold taking photos like this. 

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