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  • Welcome Fall!

    Welcome Fall! I adorned this lovely mama for both her pregnancies, and loved watching her family grow. Read about this mama's journey of motherhood in Artfull Mother Magazine, Winter 2018 issue

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  • Last Fall, celebrating pregnancy at sunrise

       This sweet mama was a joy to create art for! After adorning her with henna (feathers and tree in the design) we photographed her at sunrise when the henna was peaking in color. I love how she is glowing with love and laughter! These photos were taken in Lafayette, Colorado. 

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  • From September 2012... fall pregnancy love

    About 6 years ago I adorned this lovely mama, Katie Wise, for her 2nd pregnancy. I remember traveling to her Blessing at Nyland co-housing in Lafayette and seeing so many familiar faces (I used to live there!) We photographed her near Waldon Ponds in Boulder, when the leaves were just starting to turn. So beautiful! I ended up using this image as the cover of our magazine, Artfull Mother, Fall 2015. You can read/download all the back issues on, or here's a link to page through on your phone. Flip through the magazine and read my interview with Katie Wise, and see how she created a support system for 2nd postpartum period.

      The leaves are starting to turn here in Boulder - text me 303-3345-1516 or send me an email at if you would love to make an appointment! You don't have to be pregnant, I honor women in all stages of their lives. 

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  • Preparing for Red Earth Herbal Gathering 2018

    I am so excited about the Red Earth Herbal Gathering I went to last weekend - a local women's gathering here in Boulder, Colorado! I attended last year and loved it so much. This year I helped out with creating posters as well as these chalkboard signs for the weekend event. I also adorned several of the teachers and offered henna at the event.

    I am an artist with with many skills, not just henna. Contact me to create drawings, signs, murals, logos and all kinds of digital art.
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  • Quetzal henna blessing

    Ebracing yourself! 

    This stunning 50something woman is part of an art project I've been working on for a few years - the Sacred Feminine Art Project. She requested feathers and two of her spirit animals - the quetzal bird is visible here on her shoulder. She also requested a little henna love for her belly. I love creating art like this! 

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  • Birthday Henna for SarahKate!

      I do love celebrating my birthday with henna! Each year I think about my intention for my year and blend it into the art. This year I am 44! It feels like a powerful year, a new chapter in our lives - we just moved to Louisville, Colorado and one of our daughters moved into the dorms at CU. Big changes! 

      Each summer I feel like I am blooming in a new way, and this henna design reflects that energy. I'm feeling the watery movement of being in the flow along with the blossoming and unfolding. 

      Photos were taken by my beloved husband Rob, in the studio as well as on a nearby walking path.


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  • Moon Mandala Henna Belly

    I am so excited to be adorning women out of our new home studio in Louisville, Colorado! This lovely mama came to sit in my comfy tattoo chair for her maternity session with requests for a moon, lotus and mandala. I love working with the medium of henna, the sweet smell of freshly made paste still delights me after 14 years of working with it! 

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