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  • Liquid healing flowing down as a Henna Crown

     Yesterday's art!

    I was excited when this lovely mama requested a water element in her design.  She's been visualizing healing liquid being poured on top of her head and as I adorned her I felt it and let it move my hand.

     I began with a spiral in the center of head and let the design flow through. Flowers were also a request so out spun flower after flower, flowing in the healing liquid. Leaves and bits of ivy found themselves worked in spontaneously. 

      Not just the head but flowing down the neck, over the shoulder and to her port. 

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  • The leaves blowing in the wind

    This mama was feeling the tree-vibe! I loved hearing her stories of how she'd been harvesting apples at different locations around the Boulder area the past few weeks.

    A nod to autumn in the blowing leaves in the design. Fall is HERE in Colorado! Thankfully, the wind blowing her silk back is a warm one... but soon... I'm sure the snow will be in the air.  

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  • Fall in Colorado!

    What a joy to photograph during this time of year! This lovely mama was a lot of fun to work with. We started in the studio and did several nude photos with rose petals and then brought those rose petals outside to enjoy. During the photo shoot this mama surprised me by tossing the petals up so they fell right around her - gorgeous! I love how the trees change this time of year in Colorado.... we were photographing near my new studio in Louisville, Colorado. 

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  • I love it when I see a mom for her 2nd pregnancy after adorning her for her 1st.... It is always so wonderful to catch up and hear how things have gone on the journey of Motherhood. 

    As she described her request for a tree with spirals, I felt this design come through. I haven't done something this thick in a while and I'm so pleased with how it came out. 

    I am sure she feels grounded! 

    We included 2 humming birds for her children. I am looking forward to photographing this mama with peaking henna tomorrow!


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  • Autumn Maternity Session ~ Ganesh ~

    From an autumn  maternity session  in Boulder several years ago. This mama has incredible strength and grace!

     She requested Ganesh and I love how that came through. I loved these photos so much that I used them in publications! Erin is on the cover of Volume 3 of my Blessed Belly, Blessed Baby series  and the back cover of my magazine, Artfull Mother, Fall 2016. 

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  • Red Earth Herbal Gathering 2018

      What an inspiring weekend at Red Earth Herbal Gathering! I absolutely loved being in the company of women and held in love. Part of my contribution to the event was henna, of course, and I loved creating art for the participants. (This goat is copied from a quick google search on goats) 

      Mid day I opened the flap in the Red Tent and slipped into the sweet, red sanctuary. I cured up and laid my head on one of the red pillows and felt myself deeply relax and surrender. My heart was opened through the weekend as I listened to one wise woman after another share  their story & knowledge. 

      I was moved by Lorene's talk on community - why creating community is so important, so girls can have a right of passage INTO something worth joining. Later Lorene mentioned her mother who had given her all the beautiful red pillows, blankets and tapestries that hung in the Red Tent...what a gift!  

      Laura awakened me to the power of my heart center and how our breasts are an extension of this. Ixeeya inspired me to open wider into femininity and find peace in the Red Tent she tended. Ann's class  filled me with joy as I watched the tail end of her class, and witnessed women giving each other herbal baths, mostly nude. 

      Astrid's strength in holding space fills me with awe. I loved seeing so many women gathering in circle, in song, in ceremony. Brigette's talk was fascinating and reminded me of the power of our breath and the value of staying oxygenated. Brianna's talk on plant journalism awakened me to the fascination of biology, the tiny details of the shape of plants. 

      The meals were absolutely delicious and filling, I was pleased that I could gaze upon the Boulder Flatirons while eating and chatting with new friends. Such amazing women! 

      I loved the fire circle both nights, reminding me of our power and connection to spirit, to the stars and our long line of ancestors. Sharing song was a true highlight for me! I am excited to attend next summer as well as the local Red Tents held throughout the year near the New Moon. 

      One of my favorite moments was listening to Bethy Love Light (conscious hip hop) sing. She expressed such strength and wisdom in her songs... "Power to the plants, power to the planet," we sang with her in chorus. This sweet woman has GIFT and I felt honored to witness it.

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