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  • This is technically the last henna of 2018! This lovely mama came in for my Sacred Feminine Art Project and as we looked through ideas for art that felt right for her, she saw this lovely concept of foliage flowing over the shoulder and across the chest. 

    With this request in mind, I created a unique design using my current favorite way to draw leaves. We were both so happy with how it came out! 

    This henna looks black, but it just the color natural henna looks when it's dry. I only use my own hand mixed paste to create henna designs - henna powder, lemon juice, sugar, and essential oils. 

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  • The best of 2018 - SarahKate's henna art

    This time of year I love to look back on all the art I did, and what an abundance we have in 2018! According to instagram @artfullmother had these as the top 9 images:

    My favorite canvas is still the pregnant belly, and I adorned over 70 pregnant women this year! I tried to pick my top 10 but got a little carried away... here's my top 27.

    In the past, I've created 6 volumes of art around pregnancy, check them out! And 13 issues of a magazine for focused on motherhood: Artfull Mother. 

     I have met so many outstanding women in our local mom community and it's been wonderful to be embraced and encouraged. 
    Thanks to everyone who has scheduled time with me to get henna! 
    Thanks to everyone who follows and likes my art work!
    It's because of you that I can live my dreams!    

    The Sacred Feminine Art Project continues, but I'm not ready to share my top 10 or really any of my favorites - since this project does involve a lot of nudity. However, here are some of my favorites that I've shared online in 2018. 

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  • 15 years of henna love

    I've kept a kind of digital scrap book of my journey as an artist and @mehndikajoeyhenna inspired me to open it up today and try to create my very first henna tattoo, now that I've had 15 years of experience. 

    Technically, this isn't my first henna, that had happened a day or two before, with several of my girlfriends on the beach (on the Big Island of Hawaii). We had passed around the little henna bottle that came in my all natural kit and adorned each other. I had never done anything like that and neither had they, it was a kind of rite of passage. Womens Circle Body Art.  

    I felt deeply inspired, so I took the kit back out, studied the example drawings, and created this henna tattoo. Over the next few days and weeks I kept practicing and experienced a wave of euphoria washed over me as I realized I had finally found my medium as an artist. Finally! 

    I was just 29 years old... So much has happened in the past 15 years... I feel so grateful to have crossed passed with henna, what a blessing! Thanks Joey, for the inspiration to rework this design and remember the first times with this art. 

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  • Mother Daughter Henna and Photos!

      This lovely mama and her daughters are part of my sacred feminine art project, which has been filling my life with such joy. There were 4 sessions total: one to adorn the mama, one to adorn the older daughter, one to photograph the mama nursing her baby, and another to photograph the whole family- but especially this mom and her older daughter. 

      It's really neat to hear what designs are important to young people and create art just for them.This sweet girl sat remarkably still and was a pleasure to be around! I love how many people I get to know in my field of work. This mother daughter bond was beautiful to behold. 

      The breastfeeding henna design incorporated an owl and quetzel, this mama's spirit animals. Also snowflakes, a ying yang and ivy. My studio in Louisville, Colorado is open year round for henna and photography! Contact me at or text 303-345-1516 to make an appointment. 

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  • Today's photography: a session honoring breastfeeding.

     I met this mama a few days before and created a henna design incorporating snow and ivy, and you can also see part of an owl's wing that is flying across her chest. I loved hearing about her design ideas and what these symbols meant to her. 

    Today for photos the father came and you can see his hand in this photo also, as he leans over in admiration. ~ Many blessings on this special bond. ~

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  • December in Colorado ~ Celebrating Pregnancy

    Today's photography: celebrating pregnancy in December ! I love how Colorado colors change throughout the year, and near sunset it can feel so soft. I love the orange branches in the tree behind this lovely mama, how they curve to hold her. 

    This design really came out so magnificent with the central mandala surrounded by more flowers and leaves, embraced by ivy. This amazing mama brought along a special scarf that she's danced with and it was lovely to see it on her. Beautiful! 

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  • A mandala that is snowflake-ish

     I am really happy with this week's pregnancy art ! This lovely mama requested a mandala and I was really feeling the snowflake proportions so I would say this flower is snowflake-ish. More flowers, leaves and winter vines fill up this belly with another freehand henna design. There's something so special about the feeling of unborn babies pressing up against me while I adorn their mother... dreamy... 


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