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  • Celebrating pregnancy as a family

    Today in the studio I photographed this lovely family! It's always so amazing to see how a child wants to interact with his mama's belly. This dear one was a pleasure to capture mid-kiss! 

    I loved the mala this mama had made in her Sacred Pregnancy group and we found some other purple silky things to bring it out. Celebrating pregnancy with this unique style of body art and photography is a deep passion of mine! 

    Below is a photo when the henna was freshly applied.

    Want to know more? Check out my 2019 Spring Art Update.   

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  • Last December I had a really special couple come in to celebrate pregnancy together with henna. When we first start talking about her appointment, this lovely new mama looked online for inspiration and found an image of a woman and husband covered in body paint, with a tree that grew over the mama's belly and over the dad's arm as he held her from behind, with his arm covering her breasts. It was gorgeous how the branches of the tree connected solidly from the mama's belly to the dad's arm and then back to the mama's chest. 

      I listened to her other ideas for design elements... there were many that we explored! We incorporated a sense of dahlias, tiny baby footprints and the swirling flower element she's seen in my earlier work on my website. Below is some photos that inspired this work, it's from 2012! I remember this mama fondly... she was planning to name her daughter Zinnia and wanted me to cover her belly and chest in zinnias. 

      I loved how this henna ended up connecting this couple, an artistic representation of their growing bond, their growing family. So wonderful to get to know them and witness their deep love for each other. 

      They were also pretty creative in the photo session! We went through a bunch of poses ... it's really fun to keep changing colors and trying new ideas.

      The couple returned a few days later when the henna was peaking in color and we had another photo shoot. The weather was pretty cold that week so all the photos were taken inside, where it was warm enough for some shots with less silks involved.... photos to remember! 

    Want to know more? Check out my 2019 Spring Art Update. 

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  • I first met this mama in 2015 when she came in for nursing henna and photos. It was great to catch up with her again and met her new baby! He is just 2 1/2 months old and so adorable.... more photos of him later! 
    The design started with a request for the tree of life, the Acacia tree. As I looked through my pile of inspiration she spied some giraffes and requested that they were included. And so the art began! 2 hours later I was blow drying her. 

      The nursing session was about a half hour, and we got a lot of GEMS! It is so powerful to witness the act of breastfeeding. 

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  • Snowy January moment

    Today's snowy weather reminded me of a snowy January in 2016, when Jennifer came to our studio for her 2nd pregnancy. It was an especially fun henna since her sister Erika was present too.

     Erika has been a long time supporter of the local mama community with her amazing birthing classes based on the philosophy Birthing from Within. She is one of Artfull Mother's Community Partners, read about her here.

    There was fresh snow when Jennifer came to the studio and we bundled up to photograph her outside in the Colorado wild... near Walden Ponds in Boulder. There is something really special about fresh snow! 

    I loved how the photos came out, and used them in the 2018 Winter issue of Artfull Mother. This magazine was such a massive creative endeavor and lasted for 13 glorious issues (3 years). They are all available to read online at, check it out!  

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  • Today's henna art was a 2 hour chest piece, stretching from shoulder to shoulder. Design request included her totem animal, the wolf. This art is part of my project about Sacred Femininity and I was thinking about showing this aspect as I drew out the wolf with henna. What a powerful ally! 

     Many animals were discussed to potentially include, and in the end, I added 3 more birds, including crow. It feels so powerful to adorn women with their spirit animals and hear the stories behind why it's important to them. 

      This amazing woman has lived in Boulder for 20 years and we honored the love of Boulder and outdoors with a depiction of the Flatirons among the flowers. As is true with many people in Colorado, we both feel a strong tie to the ocean and I loved included waves of water in the design. 

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  • Photos from 9 years ago...

    Recently this cute baby photo came up in my "memories" on Facebook and sent me on a journey of reflection! This image was taken 9 years ago when I was just starting to get serious about photography.

     I was about 2 years into my art project honoring pregnancy with henna, and would later publish this photo and many others in my first book Blessed Belly Blessed Baby: Honoring Motherhood with Henna Tattoos. Volume 1. Here's a link to preview or purchase the book! []

      This art project has brought my life such meaning! Even though I have completed that series (with 6 volumes) and created a magazine focused on motherhood with 13 issues (Artfull Mother) I know there is another pregnancy & baby book in my future. 

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  • First henna of 2019~ celebrating pregnancy

      Here's my first henna art for 2019! This shows the henna paste freshly applied, with the orange looking color being a very thin layer of henna. I love those little details....

      The request included a large central flower and so I began with that. This sweet mama reclined a bit in the special chair in my home studio, and shared about her pregnancy as I adorned her. I love hearing each woman's unique story. 

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