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  • Christie

    So beautiful to meet this mama, her daughters and her mom and hear their story. Christie's mom (in photo below) breast fed her, and is so happy to see Christie nursing her two sweet daughters. What a great combination of my two art projects ~ Breastfeeding & 3 Generations ~

     Also.... I love how these sisters hold hands while they nurse. 

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  • Kristin ~ 3 generations henna ~

    These photos (above) are from 2010, when Kristin and I met up to celebrate her pregnancy with a gorgeous blooming lotus and then again with postpartum henna. Now, a few years later, we meet again to honor three generations ~ Kristin's mom and daughter ~

    And again when the henna is peaking ~ mothers  & daughters embrace ~ 

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  • Alex

    a gorgeous blooming lotus to honor breastfeeding ~ 

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  • Nicole

    Freshly painted .... henna paste looks sooo dark when it dries... 

    And outdoors, on a cool winter's day, we photographed at sunset ~

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  • Kim

    Kim's henna came out so beautifully, with a heart at the center of the mandala. Her partner was present and requested we add a moon and some stars ~

    We headed outside and got some glorious photos with the sun setting over the flatirons of Boulder, Colorado.

    This last photo is by my dear husband Rob, who assists with all the lighting during photo shoots.


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  • Amanda

    a beautiful lotus and bear theme for this breastfeeding body art session ~ 

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  • Emily

    What a gorgeous henna belly design! This has a paisley theme... blooming ~

    Such a cutie! Soon-to-be-big-brother hugs his beautiful mama. 

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