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  • Yelena

    While her guests arrived, I adorned Yelana with the henna design of her choice, a beautiful mandala with a lotus theme. Such a sweet celebration!

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  • Stefani

    A theme of sunshine and snowflakes for this winter pregnancy ~ 

    A few days later we met at sunrise to capture the gorgeous light of the new day ~ here we are walking to the ponds ~ 

    ~ getting all dressed up ~

    Just beautiful! 

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  • Tonya

    A flowery tree with birds to honor this mama's first pregnancy ~


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  • Eve

     For her henna belly theme, Eve requested the Buddhist mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, a symbol of blessing and compassion. I expanded the design with lovely flourishes ~ 

     Here are some amazing photos we got when the tattoo was peaking in color ~ 

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  • Trisha

    Trisha's full chest henna has a lovely lotus & tree theme ~

    She returned with her little boy for breastfeeding photos, to capture the unique bond between a mother and her nursling. 

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  • Nicole

    I met Nicole during the first year of my Blessed Belly art project, back in 2008. Looking at this photo, I see just how much has changed in how I create and capture the art. 

    For this pregnancy, we had a tree theme, stretching up to Nicole's heart. 

    Her whole family came for photos, and we started indoors with a few color changes. Her daughter got some henna on her hand to match ~

    Even though it was very cold and snowing, we decided to try for some outdoor photos anyway. I love how they came out! Colorado is such a magical place covered in snow.

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  • Sunny


    This henna body art is done to celebrate TWINS and has a theme of sun, wind, boulders and roses ~ 

    When the henna was peaking we met for more photos ~ starting inside the studio where it was warm ~ 

    And then outside into the beautiful snowy landscape of Boulder, Colorado!

    There were so many birds flying by... on this photo below, you can see them ~



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