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  • Bailey

    I love how the 2 peacocks in this design represent mom & dad, the sacred relationship that a baby is created from ~ 

    We met a few days later, birght an early, to catch the sunrise ~

    Bailey you are glowing! 

    Posted by   SarahKate

  • Crystal

    Crystal requested a Ganesha for her henna ~ I love how it came out! 

    ..... and then more photos when the henna is peaking ~ gorgeous!!!!

    Posted by   SarahKate

  • Aubrey

    I first met Aubrey in 2011 for her first pregnancy ~ a henna tree with heart themed flowers ~ 

    Recently we got together recently to celebrate her 2nd pregnancy

    . I drove out to Lyons and adorned her with 4 birds, one for each member of her family ~ 


    Posted by   SarahKate

  • Kati

    I drove through Boulder to Kati's home for a henna house call ~ sweet baby bumb adorned with henna ~ with a request for a lion.

    And of course, we met a few days later for photographs ~ at sunset ~ 

    Posted by   SarahKate

  • Katherine

    a beautiful henna mandala to honor pregnancy ~ 


    Here we are, changing colors for this gorgeous feild ~ 

    And the beautiful silhouette of pregnancy ~

    Posted by   SarahKate

  • Morgan

      I first met Morgan in the summer of 2010, when we celebrated her 1st pregnancy ~ it's so wonderful to see her again and meet her 5 year old daughter! Morgan picked an elephant with 3 birds ~ one bird for each of her chidlren ~ YES she is expecting TWINS! 

    We met again a few days later to photograph the henna as it was peaking in color. Another glorious winter day in Boulder, Colorado!

    Posted by   SarahKate

  • Lyndsey

    A mama and baby elephant bless this pregnant belly ~

    Posted by   SarahKate