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  • Julia

    Postpartum henna is a wonderful tradition ~ supporting a new mama's need to rest and regain her strength. Julia sat and nursed her baby girl while I applied henna to her hand, arm and feet. 

    We returned a few days later to photograph Julia and her family. Here we have 3 generations of women!

    And behind the scenes.... this last photograph was taken by my beloved husband Rob, who is also my lighting assitant on photo shoots. I am carefully tucking some silk around this dear baby's feet. I love my work in the world! So much love from this baby, her mama, her grandma..... I really feel honored to witness this precious time in their lives. 

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  • Carrie

    This is one of my favorite photos (above) from my recent photo shoot with Carrie and her little boy.

    I first met Carrie in 2014 to celebrate her first pregnancy, which we did with a whale theme. She also came back for postpartum henna (see the little baby feet?) as well as breastfeeding henna (not pictured here).

    This time, for her 2nd pregnancy, Carie requested elephants. Specifically, a mama elephant with her baby held above with her trunk, and older 'baby' on the ground. I really love how this all came together ~

    We met again 3 days later to photograph the henna while it was peaking ~ 


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  • Julia

    I was so thrilled to adorn both Julia and her mom Lindy for these gorgeous mother-daughter photos! Julia is a mama-to-be, but Lindy is expecting her 5th grandchild. Lindy is outrageously blessed to have the gift of her daughter present her her life, ready to share in the joy of caring for this new family member ... girl or boy? Who knows ~ 

    Julia chose a lotus flower theme for her henna belly design, so I love how it came out ~

    We met a few days later to photograph outside at dawn ~ brrr!

    and of course some in the studio together ~ I really love this image ~ this unborn baby is wrapped in love ~

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  • Renee

    Renee knew she wanted me to adorn her with birds... there is a beautiful story behind these birds that I got to hear as I painted her for about 2 hours in my studio. I love how it came out!

    For the actual breastfeeding photo session we caught these special images ~ such love ~ 

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  • Lyndsay

    I first met Lyndsay in 2012 when celebrated her 1st pregnancy with a mandala ~ 

    For this pregnancy, Lyndsay wanted to continue the mandala theme but have it with a different feeling, filling more of the belly ~

    We met a few days later for photos at sunset and went to some near by trails in Boulder, Colorado ~

    While we were photographing Lyndsay, her mom was photographing all of us! What a great photo Pamela! 


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  • Sanam

    Sanam picked a doodly - flowery theme and the art just flew out of my henna tip on her belly ~ 

    We met again 3 days later to photograph her peaking henna tattoo ~ walking along the trails in Boulder, Colorado. Rob, my grip (and beloved husband) took these photo as we walked up to the first scene & got dressed~

    The full moon was rising! What a beautiful photos ~ you are glowing Sanam! 

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  • Elizabeth's postpartum henna

    Postpartum henna is really a beautiful tradition that I love to re-create. It originally comes to us from North Africa, where new mamas are blessed and protected with henna tattoos during the first 9 days after the baby is born. I had adorned Elizabeth for her pregnancy and when she gave birth she let me know she was ready for more henna. I drove to her home in Boulder to adorn her while she laid in bed with her newborn babe, which slept in her arms and nursed during the entire session. I returned to her home a few days later to adorn her daughter too and take photos of the 3 of them... so precious! 

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