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Enjoy a magical trip through the imagination of SarahKate and the women she paints.

  • Jeanmarie

    I first met Jeanmarie in 2013 and we celebrated her pregnancy with a gorgeous henna tattoo. In 2014 she returned with her 3 daughters for postaprtum henna with flowers and hummingbirds. 

    And last week we did an amazing breastfeeding session, with a theme of lotus flowers, dragonflies and a frog. I love how it came out! 

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  • Piper

    Piper, her mom, and her two daughters all came to my henna studio for henna to celebrate pregnancy! Here we are getting all the hands in place (behind the scenes) and below is the final photo. I really love Pipers choice of design, a tree, with an emphasis on roots.

    Henna takes 3 days to fully darken...

    And we went outside as well, beautiful Boulder, Colorado!


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  • Carrie

      I was so happy to come and celebrate with Carrie right after she gave birth - her daughter is almost 2 weeks old here ~ And I love the design - mama and baby bird, with the baby bird's mouth open... adorable!

    The photo below was taken right after I painted her, so the henna looks very dark. 

      These photos were taken during a very rainy stretch of weather, so we stayed in doors and just looked out the window at all the green ~

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  • Kendra

    Breastfeeding body art ~ this is an art that I just love to create ~ and the act of nourishing a baby is a joy to witness. The photo above was taken in our studio in Boulder, Colorado where I have a huge wardrobe of silky things. The weather was fabulous so we headed outside for some more photos in the wild life sanctuary ~ This photo (below) shows you a little behind the scenes.... I am pulling out the colors that Kendra has chosen ~


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  • SarahKate's Mother's Day Henna Tattoo

      Mother's Day is a holiday that I love to celebrate with henna! A few days beforehand I sat down to think about my design, and realized that instead of the usual flowers and leaves that I often adorn myself with,that I was feeling the energy of the goose and I wanted to incorporate that. Here in Boulder, Colorado this is the time of year that the geese have their goslings, and I love to watch them during our nature walks. There is something about this bird-family energy that really touched my heart this Mother's Day and I wanted to incorporate that feeling in my tattoo. I began my henna design by painting a goose, and as you can see, it's not a realistic goose, but a playful doodle of one. Then I spent the next 3 hours doodling up and down my art ~ this is my idea of fun. I slept with the paste on and rubbed it of the next moring. I absolutely love having  a full sleeve of henna! I feel so powerful, wearing my dreams, my vision ~


    And of course... we must have photos of me with 2 of my daughters! They are such a blessing in my life. 

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  • Erin

      I first met Erin in 2012, when I adorned her with a ganesh in celebration of her pregnancy. Erin is a goddess! I loved her photos so much that I chose her as our book cover model for Volume 3 of my book series. 

      For this pregnancy her vision was a goddess in a blossoming lotus and an eye. I love how it all came together! You can see my Mother's Day tattoo in this photo ~




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  • Melody

    Melody came to my home studio in Boulder (Colorado) for some breastfeeding henna, and requested an owl. I really had fun with this one! I love how the owl is tilting its head. The henna on my arm is bright orange because I'd just applied the henna the day before. This is my Mother's Day henna sleeve! 

    After 3 days the henna had oxidized and was a beautiful brown color, peaking in darkness. We started in the studio for some photos under the lights, and then headed outside. I am so grateful it's warm enough now to do this outside! I take pregnancy pictures year round but for breastfeeding, I really like to wait until it's warm enough for everyone to feel comfortable. In the photo below, you can see my henna peaking too! 

    It was warm on this day, but the day before, Mother's Day, it actually SNOWED and you can still see some on the mountains. I love to capture the beauty of mothers nourishing their babies! 


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