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  • Aubrey

    I first met Aubrey in 2011 for her first pregnancy ~ a henna tree with heart themed flowers ~ 

    Recently we got together recently to celebrate her 2nd pregnancy

    . I drove out to Lyons and adorned her with 4 birds, one for each member of her family ~ 


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  • Kati

    I drove through Boulder to Kati's home for a henna house call ~ sweet baby bumb adorned with henna ~ with a request for a lion.

    And of course, we met a few days later for photographs ~ at sunset ~ 

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  • Katherine

    a beautiful henna mandala to honor pregnancy ~ 


    Here we are, changing colors for this gorgeous feild ~ 

    And the beautiful silhouette of pregnancy ~

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  • Morgan

      I first met Morgan in the summer of 2010, when we celebrated her 1st pregnancy ~ it's so wonderful to see her again and meet her 5 year old daughter! Morgan picked an elephant with 3 birds ~ one bird for each of her chidlren ~ YES she is expecting TWINS! 

    We met again a few days later to photograph the henna as it was peaking in color. Another glorious winter day in Boulder, Colorado!

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  • Lyndsey

    A mama and baby elephant bless this pregnant belly ~

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  • Stacey

       It has been really neat to get to know Stacey over the past year, honoring her pregnnacy, postpartum and now breastfeeding stages of motherhood... Her story of how she met her husband, her daughter's birth and now breastfeeding involve a theme of snow, for sure, which was the theme for this breastfeeding henna design. And other important sybols ~ hearts & the infinity sign ~ were incorporated as well.

    She returned a couple days later with her beautiful baby girl, just turned 1.

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  • Elizabeth

    ~ a gorgeous blossoming lotus and two owls with a little birg ~ perfect for honoring this new family member ~

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