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Enjoy a magical trip through the imagination of SarahKate and the women she paints.

  • Liz

      Liz came in with a beautiful vision for her henna. Pregnant with her second son, she wanted a bear for oldest son and a lion for her unborn son. Along with these baby animals we wove in her vision of a tree, roses and lotus flowers. I love how it came out! 

      We met again a few days later just before the sunrise. It was dark as we climbed the hill to get a view of Boulder, Colorado and the full BLUE moon setting over the mountains. Just amazing! What a sight! As the moon was setting the sun was rising, and we got some amazing photos of Liz in the grassy feilds of Boulder. She is just glowing... what a mama... 


      At a more reasonable time, later in the day, she returned with her sweet boy for more photos. What a pleasure to get to know this mama and her boy!

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  • Mermaid & mer-sons henna design

       I adorned this mama for her blessingway in Denver while her friends gathered around, felting sea creatures for a mobile for her baby. A watery request, with a henna design of a mermaid and her two boys represented as mer-sons, with flowing water and shells ~ I love how this came together. 

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  • Mercedes

    I first met Mercedes last summer to honor her 2nd pregnancy. We were about a week away from her due date, but she felt her baby would come late. The day of her photo session she texted me that she'd gone into labor, and I told her not to worry about coming in (of course!) but that if she wanted me to come after her birth and take phtos in her home that I would be happy to. The photo below was taken at her home in Arvada, Colorado with her 1 day old baby boy and her 2 year old daughter. 

    About a year later Mercedes was still tandem nursing and wanted to celebrate this fact! When I asked her about henna design requests, she said "a dragon and a fairy," and here's what came through! I especially love the mushrooms in this design.

    She returned just a few days later when the henna was peaking in color, and we took a few photos in the studio and then headed outside. Just beautiful! I love doing this kind of work. 

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  • Julia {henna belly with turtles & a tree}

      Julia requested 4 turtles, one for each member of her family (including this unborn baby). I often paint sea turtles, but she wanted land turtles near a tree. I really enjoyed creating this henna belly design for her, because we have turtles like this in Boulder, Colorado, and it's really neat to paint local wildlife. In fact the day after I painted her belly, we saw this turtle on our hiking trail - it's shell is over 1 foot in length. 

      Julia returned a few days later for photos while the henna was peaking, and brought her dear little boy.... he was adorable! Reminded me so much of cupid with his gorgeous curly blond hair.

    This last photo shows Julia with her family members that came that day, including her son, mom, sister, neice and nephews. 


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  • Sarah's breastfeeding body art

    ~ Breastfeeding body art ~ 

    I am passionate about honoring the bond between the mother and her child with art! This sweet mama drove all the way from Golden to be adorned with henna (in photo below), and requested a blooming lotus henna design. We waited a few days until the henna was peaking in color to take all the nursing photos. We even went outside by the lakes, but dear baby was quite distracted by the dragonflies! I love these!


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  • Art*full Mother Magazine

      I am really excited to release the summer issue of Art*full Mother ~ the LOCAL magazine devoted to the interests of mothers and the art that empowers them. 

    Download the eMag for FREE at


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  • Monique

    Monique chose a tree theme, and this is the art that came out of my henna tip. I love it! We took photos right afterwards in my studio.

    A few days later we met for photos and Monique brought along her sweet daughter ~ how I love these mother-daughter dress up sessions! 

    This photo (above) taken my amazing husband and photo assitant Rob, showing behind the scenes. Below is my photo. What a loving bond between these two.... 


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