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  • Winter Pregnancy Celebrations

    This sweet Louisville mama came in for a huge henna tree design that starts on her belly and goes all the way up. She is welcoming in family member #4, so we did 4 tree trunks intertwined. Her daughter also got a little henna on her hands! 

    We met outside at sunrise a few days later for these snowy photos. Here I am below, helping her out of her coat. We got there just in time to see the mountains turn pink. Just gorgeous! 


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  • All natural body art

    As an artist, I adorn women for all kinds of reasons - including the kind that's just for fun: body art for a vacation on the beach! Henna is 100% sunblock, so I wonder if this mama will get a reverse tattoo? So fun to creat this for her. 


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  • Honoring that beautiful breastfeeding bond

    I am enjoying working on my ongoing art project on body art for breastfeeding! These sessions involve about 2 hours of henna for mama, and then she returns once the tattoo is peaking with her little one. Gorgeous!


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  • Snowy Pregnancy Celebrations

        I love that I get to do this kind of art work all year round! Michaela asked for a snowflakes and a rainbow, and snow peaked mountains and poinsettias ended up in the design too. Of course, right after I painted this it started snowing! When Michaela came for sunrise photos it had slowed down to flurries, but still! Snow! We parked at our favorite trail head in Boulder and walked for just a minute to get to this location, and once the lighting was right we had this gorgeous mama take off her coat for a moment for photos. Even though it's cold (16F) I love how we were able to capture these images, to celebrate this winter pregnancy in the snow. 



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  • I first met Jennifer in 2011 when I adorned her for her first pregnancy, with a swirly tree and fox. Postaprtum photos happened a few months later in 2012 with her sweet baby girl and a more traditional henna design.

    For this pregnancy, she described a vision of a rainbow and waterfall, with a mermaid if I could fit it in. This was a really unique design idea! I had a lot of fun with it. 


    Jennifer returned with her daughter and we went outside for photos. It was still relatively warm out for fall, and I love how we captured her beautiful blooming belly with all these huge trees ~ 


    And of course some inside too, where her sweet little girl would be a warmer. Can you tell she brought along her mermaid costume? So cute....

    About a month after her son was born I came by to visit and adorn Jennifer with postpartum henna. What a beautiful way to honor this major transition! Rob and I came back after a couple of days when the henna was peaking in color and got these beautiful shots ~ adorable! 



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  • Blessingway Henna

    This mama sat in a special throne with her female friends & family gathered around her. A beautiful flower crown was placed on her head while the women shared their blessings. Gorgeous henna art included lots of baby turtles following mama turtle to the sea. What a great way to honor pregnancy and a woman's rise in status to mother!

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  • It's always a neat experience to see a mama for both her pregnancies and hear how much has changed in her life! Jacie came to me for her 1st pregnancy in 2013 with a request for a tropical frog design, and then again in 2015 for a flower of life doodle design.

    Here I am painting on the flower of life - just gorgeous! I snapped a few of Jacie in the studio before she went home to let the henna paste sit on her belly (this takes 4 to 6 hours).  She returned a few days later on a cold fall day for some photos in the studio & outdoors. I love how you can see these photos where you can see the whole landscape, and know what season we're in.

    I was so excited when Jacie sent her birth announcement! Another little girl! I drove out to her home in Loveland for both the henna adornment and photos - I don't like new mamas to have to drive! The photos came out great, I'm so happy for Jacie and her family.

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