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  • Pregnant and nursing, a body art celebration!

    It was a joy to cover this lovely young mama in henna, celebrating both her pregnancy and her nursing relationship.

    Afterwards we stepped outside and got this photo of her with the spring trees.

    She returned a couple days later when her henna was peaking, and I got to meet her smallest daughter, still nursing. Such a sweet loving bond.

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  • Blooming lotus for the mama-to-be

      This mama-to-be drove over from Lakewood to enjoy some henna in my home studio in Boulder. It was so lovely to chat with her and acknowledge this rite of passage! She requested a blooming lotus as pat of her design... I love it! We took somem photos right afterwards in the chair as well as outside. Such a perfect spring day in Colorado. 


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  • Celebrating 3 generations

    I adorned these lovely ladies for a 3 generation art project in 2013!

    Tatiana contacted me recently about her pregnancy and I was excited to celebrate with her again. Her henna design incorporated an elephant with a mama and baby owl sitting on it's head. We also blended in the Acaia tree and a meadow, which represent the baby's name. Her mom and her daughter came to our studio the following day for henna as well, with henna designs of their choosing. Grandma incorporated birds and lotus, sweet daughter asked for a fox and bunny. 

    A couple days later they all returned to my studio for photos! Beautiful!


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  • Full Term Henna Body Art!

      I usually adorn most pregnant mamas 4 to 6 weeks before they are due, just to make sure they don't miss it. However, some mamas just can't make it to me until the end! This sweet mama drove over from Lakewood to be adorned in our home studio in Boudler, with a request for a tree & flying bird. I love how it came out! Afterwards we snapped a few quick photos  in the studio and then headed outside to photograph her by some trees nearby.... just lovely! 


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  • Bridal henna

    Though most of my clients are pregnant, postpartum or nursing, I do occasionally adorn women for other reasons, like celebrating getting married! We don't know exactly how long women have been adorning each other to honor this rite of passage, but the Indian tradition for bridal henna dates back 2,500 years. According to this tradition, brides are covered in henna and pampered - no houswork or cooking until the henna fades! I had two lovely brides come last week to celebrate.

    A rose and lotus on the palm had special meaning to this bride, and the peacocks represent love, luck and properity [above]. The bride below had picked out a special design online, artist unknown. The groom came in at the end and they held hands for this last photo... LOVE!

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  • Breastfeeding among the flowers

    This sweet mama drove up from Denver for breastfeeding henna. Her henna design incorporates lots of flowers and vines. She returned to the studio a few days later with her daughters for nursing photos. I loved the rose headbands she brought! We snapped a few precious photos of them inside and then went outside to sit among the flowers. Just beautiful! Such a joy to see the loving bond between this mother and her daughters. 

    Here we are out in the field... This photo was taken by my beloved husband Rob who assists in the creation of this art. I am the artist who loves to compose the shots & push the silver button on the camera, he has the technological insight and photographic know-how to help find these nature scenes & light them. I love working with him as a team! 


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  • Year of the Monkey: Celebrating Pregnancy

      I met Julie through a prenatal henna & yoga art project that I did this Spring. She chose the incorporate a monkey in her design, since it is the year of the monkey. Photos were taken just a few days later at sunset (along with some in the yoga studio as part of the project). It was so beautiful! The first few green leaves were coming out.... and Julie is just glowing in the light! 


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