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  • Dancing in the Sunlight - Sacred Feminine Art

    I met this lovely woman who is not quite a maiden any more, and yet is not a mother - she is in that in between stage of life that I don't know the name of. In a sense, I've heard women in this time of life (late 20s through early 40s) called Mothers even though they do not have children, with Mother referring to how women birth projects into the world. 

      Each of us is called to mother certain products/assignments along, and create new things, etc. This lovely woman arrived in my studio and we talked about her design ideas - snakes, mountains, ocean & ocean creatures, henna jewelry.... as we explored it all the design unfolded. This lovely woman made it clear that these were just ideas, not requirements, which made it easier to create... Near the end I realized I never found a way to incorporate ocean and ocean creatures. As I gazed at the work of art, I realized it didn't need them any way. 

      I had begun with the chest piece, sketching out the necklace, then feeling out the mountains above. This lovely woman had recently spent time in California and requested more California type mountains.... we talked and shared stories as the design unfolded.  The herbs on her shoulders fell out of my henna cone with ease, gracing her shoulders and upper arms with a blessing of nature... The snakes found their way into the design on her hands, one light snake, one dark snake. 

      She returned to my studio and told me how much she enjoyed having reptiles on her body. Wearing an image of your spirit animal is a powerful thing! You become more aware of the qualities you admire in the creature.  We had a sunset photo shoot on a trail near our home in Louisville, Colorado. It was a fabulous clear, warm day in July and I loved photographing her as she danced in the grass, moving the the energy of her henna intentions. 

      Simply email me if you would like to set up a time to be adorned with henna & photographed.

      I have packages that include a henna session and finished, high resolution photos as well as a printed book!

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  • This photo came up in my memories as being 5 years ago, and I just had to stop and admire it one more time. This lovely mama was a pleasure to adorn - sun, moon, stars and garden were here design requests. Her skin really took to the henna and it got super dark as you can see in this photo above! And her sweet baby girl wore a flower crown for a few moments - enough time for me to snap a few photos.
    Below you can see the henna past freshly applied (looking dark brown), and the photo underneath is another one from her breastfeeding photo session with me where we switched the theme to pink. 

    I love honoring this wonderful, natural act of love and bonding between mother and child with body art. When I was creating the magazine Artfull Mother, 4 of the covers were focused on breastfeeding! 

      o  Read the 1st issue of Artfull Mother with 27 nursing mothers here
      o  See the issue on nursing twins (which had 2 covers) here
      o  Here is a woman's story of tandem nursing, she is on the cover for fall 2017 of Artfull Mother Magazine, which had 13 issues!

      See more blog posts about nursing here, here, here, here and here

      Simply email me if you would like to set up a time to be adorned and photographed nursing.

      I have packages that include a henna session and finished, high resolution photos as well as a printed book!

      And of course feel free to sign up for my newsletter - you can read my 2019 ArtUpdate and sign up here


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  • Henna Parties

    I'll never forget the young lady who declared, "This has been the best birthday party ever!" after I adorned her and her friends. Henna can make an event special and uniquely memorable. 
      Henna parties are great for:
      o Girl's birthday parties
      o Rites of Passage
      o Women's Night Out

      For henna parties, I travel to your location arrive with lots of designs and henna for everyone. These parties last 1 1/2 hours and longer, depending on the number of people and the budget. The photo above shows about 2 1/2 hours of henna. 

      I use all natural henna that I mix up myself with essential oils, lemon juice and sugar. This paste dries brown on the skin and is rubbed off after 4 to 6 hours. Henna takes 2 or 3 days to develop it's natural stain, which can last a week or two. See the photo below to show the difference between fresh henna paste and a henna tattoo that is peaking in color (on day 3). 

      Feel free to contact me at for a henna party, or join in on one of henna parties that I offer through the mama'hood! 

      Mama'hood Yoga in Denver
      I've been working with an incredible yoga teacher, Sara Guenther, at the mama'hood to create really fun "date nights" for mothers and their children. These events include a yoga class for the young person and their guardian, followed by henna. Some other classes are followed by different crafts.  The henna events can sell out quickly so if you are interested be sure to contact Sara through the mama'hood

      Private Sessions
        I also offer private appointments in my studio, where you can come with your daughter for some beautiful henna and photos. All henna sessions in my studio include a brief, complimentary photo shoot where you get 4 finished watermarked photos. 

      I do offer photo packages if you want to come back when the henna is peaking to get some really great photos. See below! 

    To find out more about who I am and what I love to do, check out my Art Update

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  • I really love all the wonderful connections that I make through my art work. It is wonderful to watch women go through the journey of motherhood, and some mamas I get to see pregnant and then again postpartum. I feel really blessed when this happens twice! 

    I adorned Judy about 2 years ago for her first pregnancy, and requested flowers and mountains. We had a lot of fun. I ended up loving her design SO MUCH that I used it for my business card. 

    After her first baby was born I came to her home to give her some postpartum henna and then returned a few days later to photograph her with her little one. It was truly magical. I loved celebrating with her whole family. 

     She contacted me during her 2nd pregnancy and we began making arrangements for her pregnancy henna pampering. However, the doctors noticed something to be concerned about and she was on bed rest for the last few weeks of her pregnancy. 

      I came to her room at Saint Joe's in Denver to visit and adorn her. I had asked her what colors she was feeling, and she wasn't sure and asked me what I was feeling. "Purple." It was my current favorite. 

      I brought all kinds of purple combinations with me and she chose some colors that we wraped around her body before I began with the adornment. She held a monitor to her belly during the whole session. A nurse came in and took a photo of the beginning of the design.

      I was about half way in when there was a knock at the door and someone said, "Is that SarahKate?" Yes! It was the nurse on duty, a wonderful mama I'd adorned for both her pregnancies and several of her friends pregnancies too. She informed me that the OB on shift right now was also a mama I had adorned! I have adorned over 700 pregnant mamas for my books on pregnancy, but I'm always surprised how they know about each other. 

      I spent about 2 hours adorning Judy and then stepped back for the photography. This shot is of Judy resting in her bed at the hospital (below). It was OK to get up for a few moments and take a couple more photos without the monitor. Her nurse came in and took photos too, with Judy's phone. 

      After I finished with Judy, I went to the nurses station to say hello and hug these two wonderful women. I am so blessed!

      I kept thinking about Judy and wondering how things were going. Her baby was born 6 weeks early and spent a considerable amount of time in NICU before coming home healthy & on oxygen. We planned a time for me to come by her home to give her postpartum henna when he was abut 6 weeks old - right around his former "due date". I adorned her with designs that held meaning for her and snapped a few photos. 

      I returned a few days later when the henna was peaking in color and took these sweet postpartum photos! What an incredible mama she is! Throughout our sessions we talked about a lot of things and I was incredibly impressed with her resourcefulness. 

    To find out more about who I am and what I love to do, check out my Art Update

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  • Henna Pampering: the Back Tattoo

      This gorgeous woman came to me with an idea of a lotus on the back of her neck as the starting point for her henna tattoo - she's considering a permanent tattoo in this area. I began with the lotus flower unfolding, dripping down her back and stopped to photograph the progress before we went onto her shoulders. It took about 2 hours, and she sat in my studio and drank tea and we laughed as we exchanged stories. 

      Above, in purple, is the finished henna tattoo, with the fresh henna dried a dark brown. Henna takes about 2 or 3 days to fully develop, and so she returned to my studio a few days later for more photos. The weather was so lovely we just went outside to a local green space. 

      It's spring in Colorado and I love all the little flowers popping out! The green leaves are so fresh and new. There was a short sprinkle of rain and a slight breeze - which just added to the experience.

      To schedule a session with me, simply email me at or text 303-345-1516.

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  • A Documentary on Motherhood

    As I reflect on the past year, I realized that a highlight of 2018 was being filmed for a documentary on Motherhood! Barbra had heard about me through several friends and requested an interview with me for her documentary on Motherhood in addition to wanting me to celebrate her twin pregnancy with henna! 

    I was thrilled to be part of her special ceremony with her close friends who sang during her mother's blessing. We passed around a ball of yarn and wrapped in around our wrists, to keep on until she birthed her twin boys. 

    After this sweet gathering she shared photos of the event and remarked "@ArtfullMother [SarahKate Butterworth] is a legend in the Boulder area, for her beautiful henna work adorning pregnant bellies and making women feel special and beautiful. Her soft and sweet presence added such a beautiful element to the gathering, I wish for every woman to one day get adorned by her!"  

    The following month I adorned her again, her belly, breasts and hands, with a flowing design that just sprang out of my henna cone. Near the end of the design we were videoed for the documentary. 

    I am so excited to see this documentary when it comes out! Seeing as Barbra has 2 healthy infants who need her attention, this may be quite a while. But when it does happen you will hear about it! 

    Want to know more? Check out my 2019 Spring Art Update.   

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  • About SarahKate

      Hi! I have always loved art, though I didn't get serious about it until I was nearly 30 - when I found my medium of henna. 15 years later and I am so happy with the art I've created and all the projects I've been involved in!

      I am part of the team helping to create the local women's gathering: Red Earth Herbal Gathering. This year it will be on September 13th to 15th, at Peaceful Meadow Retreat here in Boulder. I am so excited to go - it will be my 3rd year in a row! Check out my blog posts (before & after) about last year's gathering. 

      I also had a chance to take my first henna class EVER at Henna Con this past year in California! I finally learned how to use a henna cone (I had been using an applicator for 15 years....) and I met so many amazing women. This was a huge highlight of 2018! I hope to make it there again this year. 

      To read a little more about my journey, check out this blog post where I share more about my life as an Artist.

    Want to know more? Check out my 2019 Spring Art Update.   

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