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  • I have been working with an amazing yoga teacher at the mama'hood in Denver -Sara Guenther. Together we create date nights for either mothers & daughters, or mothers & sons. These date nights include an hour of mother daughter/son yoga, light refreshments followed by a little henna adornment !

    Check the calendar at mama'hood for the exact dates - there's often one or two a month!

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  • SarahKate Butterworth, a doodler from way back

    Many people have asked me if I do art other than henna, and the answer is yes! I am a doodler from way back. As a kid, I doodled in the margins of my notebooks and of course the yellow pages. As I young adult I doodled in letters to friends or during other classes I took. As a parent, I doodled while waiting for my children's ballet class to end, or while they competed for gymnastics, or while waiting in the doctor's office. It calmed my mind and brought me peace. I recently started coloring in my doodles, which has been a lot of fun! Here are some recent examples (below). Here's some examples from my past

    Of course I do other kinds of professional art too, like murals (check out my Saraswati mural), logos and website design & graphics. Read more about that here.

    Last year I created this "Meet the Artist" bit of art, I love it still.

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  • Mother's Day Henna Celebrations

    Hi! Here's an in progress photo during today's henna session. I am putting the final touches on this lovely mama, and I am wearing henna for Mother's Day. Last night I sat at my desk and applied the thick paste, doodling my way up my arm. There is something liberating about giving yourself tattoos! After a little over an hour it felt complete, so I blow dried my hand and arm and settled into bed. The next morning I removed all the henna to reveal this light orange natural henna stain. I really love this color! I had adorned this sweet mama for her last pregnancy so it was great to catch up with her again. I'm really looking forward to this weekend, it's going to be a marathon of art celebrating mamas! 


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  • Nursing Beauty

    The request for this nursing henna involved paisley, and I incorporated several. It was really wonderful getting to know this Denver mama. She returned a few days later with her daughter for breastfeeding photos ... how I love to witness this sacred act of nourishment. Wishing this mama & child a bond that deepens with love through the years. 


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  • Breastfeeding body art

    Breastfeeding body art is such a unique and tender form of art to create. This mama was feeling the moon energy, and this was the design that unfolded. It took about 2 hours and involved several layers of henna - the thinnest layers are the lightest orange/brown. She returned a few days later with her little daughter, and was feeling the color RED. I love how these things just come together so beautifully. I am in awe of the wonders of a woman's body - the ability to grow and nourish a dear one. 

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  • Spring Maternity Session

    Pregnancy henna galore! This mama was open to having both her belly and breasts adorned as a celebration, and I spent about 2 hours covering her in flowers and leaves.

    She returned with her family a few days later when the henna was peaking in color and we got some lovely shots with the first spring flowers in Colorado! I am so grateful that the weather is warming up. 

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  • Empowered Birth Year

     I love meeting women like Paith, who are bringing so many empowering elements together for their birth. Zinnia was requested for the henna design and wove its way into the design, and I heard about how she wanted to create something special this time - this was her 2nd pregnancy. The henna would be peaking for her blessing, which was coming up.

     She had blogged: “When I was going through the thick of my HG nausea in pregnancy I had to dig deep to find out what empowerment meant to me in such a trying situation that felt and was out of my control. The message I got in meditation was sisterhood, celebrating my womanhood, and gathering a tribe to accompany me in making this pregnancy a rite of passage, with ALL that it was for me: painful, beautiful, divine, scary, profound and transformative.”


     Paith found some amazing women to support her in this process, including Dakota Hindman of Matrescence Doula Services, who has been involved in women’s circles since high school (in Boulder!). During rites of passage like this (even it’s the 2nd or 3rd or 4th baby!) it’s wonderful to have a woman there to facilitate the circle, a woman who knows the song for the spirit of the sage, who can guide the group through the process of pregnancy ritual. Cultivating sacred space is a gift that Dakota holds with love.


     JJ Hastain led a powerful, sacred ritual dance for the group. I have been to one other blessing where there was dancing like this, and it is one of the most powerful things to do to embody our prayers/intentions in this way.

     Tanya of Eden Photography captured this ceremony in an incredible video [watch it here!]. If you’ve ever wondered how a Mother’s Blessing can look, this is a great example! I love how many rose petals are involved!

     Paith’s maternity photography was also done by Tanya of Eden Photography… isn’t this underwater shot gorgeous?

     Paith new she had to write about this and share her experience, to light women up to how they can love the woman they become through motherhood. This free guide is full of inspiration, affirmations and empowering images. Check out Paith’s The Empowered Birth Year Resource Guide

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