Hi! I'm SarahKate, welcome to my Blog!

My Speciality is honoring motherhood with Henna Tattoos. I love to adorn pregnant and breastfeeding women with henna then make beautiful photos for them. I live in Lafayette, CO and travel the front range from Colorado Springs, Denver and as far North as Fort Collins to find my living works or art. I am also the creative director of Artfull Mother magazine - a local magazine devoted to the interests of mothers and the art that empowers them!

  •  The 10th issue of Artfull Mother is out! I am grateful to work with women like Samantha, who shares another story in her on going Bond Project. Download the whole magazine at artfullmother.com or simply flip to this article here

      It is wonderful to celebrate Samantha's pregnancy with henna after getting to know her & her story around fertility. Samantha is such a loving mama and I am so grateful to get to witness this new family member coming through soon! Henna design requests include lotus and dragonfly. 

      Previous henna session (below) was done early on and acknowledged Samantha's children with birds. We'll do one more in August and I'm so curious what design requests she'll have!

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  • Henna Crowns

    Creating a design for the scalp can be a lot of fun! Henna work like this is perfect for those in cancer treatment. 

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  • The Sacred Feminine Art Project Begins!

      This summer I started a new art project honoring femininity through body art. This project has drawn me into new areas and I'm navigating this sensual map by creating art & listening to women.

    How do you embrace your femininity?  What forms of self care do you practice? As I travel over women's bodies and hear their stories, we end up sharing parts of our womanly story that are often untold.

    I've had women tell me how their confidence felt 1,000 stronger with henna, that they felt a kind of sensual healing. "I've gotten so many compliments on my henna!" one woman revealed with a huge smile, she was absolutely radiant.

    Having the courage to photograph women in their body love, their sexual empowerment, their goddess-self has been such a deep dive for me and I'm grateful for the women I've had the honor to witness along the way. 

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  • Sacred Feminine Body Art

    This summer I opened a new project all about honoring femininity through body art. I am really excited about it! Melina was a delight to adorn. A lotus themed henna design flowed out over her breasts and belly. We met again when her henna was peaking in color for some sunrise photos. It was the perfect temperature outside! Beautiful! 

    I am booking appointments for this kind of henna all summer, so if you are interested, shoot me an email at skb@sarahkatebutterworth.com

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  • Allison, an Arvada mama, requested a family of elephants and a mandala as part of her henna design. I had fun creating this body art for her! Everyone stains differently, as you can see. 

    She brought her whole family back for photos and we ended up going to some beautiful open space in Boulder and enjoyed the gorgeous spring weather. Here's a behind the scenes shot showing me tying on a new color. Such a beautiful family! 

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  • Lotus henna design to honor pregnancy

    It took over 2 hours to create this intricate & thick henna design on Mia's pregnant belly & breasts. We started with an idea for a lotus flower blooming and the design went from there, over her breasts and shoulder, down her arm, all the way to her fingertip. The photos below show the dark color henna paste gets as it dries. The paste is removed before bed time and it leaves a natural stain that takes 2 to 3 days to fully develop in color.

      Mia returned with her family for peak color henna photos, and we began in the studio. I love how the orange silk brings out her orange in her hair... Her little boy was so sweet! What an adorable smile! 

      Here's some behind the scenes images (above) to show a little bit about how my husband Rob and I work together as photographers. We both love taking photos! I will often help to pose mama & child, Rob finds the scenery to shoot with and lights the photograph. It is such a joy to get to work with my husband, it means that we laugh a lot during these photo shoots. The 3 year old boy was running all over the yard, playfully chasing one of our "wild" bunnies... so cute. 

      I love their smiles is this photo - mother and son are just glowing. This is also a really great example of how henna stains different parts of the skin in different ways. The hands have the thickest skin, so they always stain the darkest. Henna is a natural dye that slowly sinks into your layers of skin, and the hands can simply absorb & hold more color. You can see how the natural henna tattoo gets lighter in color as it goes up her arm. Henna is a really special medium to work with, and I enjoy making my own henna paste will all natural ingredients: essential oil, lemon juice, sugar, and of course, powdered henna leaves. 

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  • Window Art Mural in Louisville


    I had a wonderful time doing this window painting in downtown Louisville, Colorado. Eleanor and Hobbs carries well crafted clothing for men & women and has such a wonderful feel. I enjoyed getting to know the owner, Tracy, and loved coming to the open house.

      This design took about 3 hours to do and is a fusion of my henna style and modern art. I incorporated a few birds in with the flowers. The white makes it pop! 

    Check out the video:


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