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In this section, we are offering Henna Style Art - Affirmation Cards, Special Henna Packages and now Gift Certificates!

I am very excited to offer some great personalized gift ideas for the seasons!    Husbands! ~ Your wife will love anything here, start with the Affirmation Coloring Cards, if she likes this art, she will like to be adorned, pregnant or not and the more the better!  My Henna Style Affirmation Cards are a sincere way to share an uplifting and creative notion. Let someone special know you are thinking of them by coloring card, adding a handwritten affirmation.  Or by sending them their own pack of cards and stickers, as a gift for the seasons or just because you're thinking of them.  You can see examples on my Instagram feed ) and Facebook pages  ( ) of some finished Henna Style Affirmation cards.


SarahKates gifts of Henna for women

Certificates for the Gift of Henna

Give a gift of satisfaction & enjoyment in a Henna Pampering from SarakKate.
SarahKate had adorned well over 700 women: Pregnant, Postpartum, Breastfeeding and parties like Mothers Blessings, daughter's birthday and mother-daughter outings!

Sacred Feminine - uplifting and affirming, explore your body as a canvas, with studio and outdoor photos!

A Henna Gift Certificate for someone you Love!

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SarahKate Butterworth
SarahKates Henna pampering Special
Seasonal Henna Pampering Special!

Each Season I like to add an Internet special, for those moms who find them. When you make your appointment before the end of 2017 - for a Henna Belly with Photos and a commerative photo book, it will include a 2nd identical book, of vivid full color photos from your photoshoots, at no extra charge. When you come in for your henna, you won't be able to miss the sample book, copies of books other women ordered, and you can too. Its still one of the best deals around

An Extra full color commerative book, whne you sign-up today

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SarahKate's Affirmation Coloring Cards

SarahKate's Affirmation Coloring Cards

Now you can enjoy and share Henna Style Cards with friends and love ones too! Create meaningful messages, colored by hand, for yourself or friends and family. An affirmations is a very thoughtful and meaningful gesture -- for the right person -- as well as a fun and powerful way to work on improving ones life.

Comes with a set of Henna Style Stickers

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