Modeling Opportunities  ~ Summer 2017 ~ Colorado

 I am seeking women due in October, November, December and January. All colors and sizes welcome.

  My goal with this project is continue to deepen my ability as an artist to honor a woman's artistic wishes to celebrate pregnancy. I especially love to opportunity to do this for a woman's first pregnancy, her rite of passage into motherhood. 

 I have a process of creating art that I've worked out over the past decade of models:

   I accept (roughly) one model a week for the project to create a volume of work. Over the years the materials fee each model contributes ($30) has helped to build all the aspects of my studio & office - cameras, lights, costumes, books printed, etc.

   Women come to me with visions, or present themselves as a open canvas - I love both ways. I adorn them for 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours, depending on inspiration level & scheduling opportunities.

   Each model returns when her henna is peaking, 2 or 3 days later, at different times. Sometimes sunrise, sometimes in the afternoon - whatever the week presents us with. We work together in my private studio for about a half hour, looking at any costume ideas brought up, and taking photos in various positions. We may go outside, depending on the weather and the availability of my lighting help - my beloved husband Rob. We often shoot in our mostly private back yard, but we also travel to trail heads in the Boulder area on occasion, when inspired. 

  Later that day/week I will look through all the photos - usually there are 100 - 300 taken. From here I can always find 4 to 7 that I really love, and these are the finished images for the Honoring Pregnancy with Henna series. 

  I am planning to create another book, .... it will probably take me a few years to figure it out. 

  In the meantime, models may be published in the magazine:

      Artfull Mother [devoted to the interests of mothers and the art that empowers them!]

  By having this process, I know I can create art that I am happy with. 


  Sometimes a women will want me to go beyond my process and spend more time photographing her, and create more finished art for her. I am happy to do this, I love the invitation to delve deeper. I offer models a photo package that is discounted, that includes 20 finished images in a printed book. If you're interested in that, let me know. 







************* The other art projects I'm up to involving honoring motherhood (see below) are currently BOOKED *******************************************


Blessed Belly, Blessed Baby: Honoring Motherhood with Henna Tattoos

*** This project is currently booked ***

This is an ongoing art project I've been working on officially since 2008. Adorning women with henna during pregnancy & postpartum is a tradition from Africa and I love to recreate that with women. So far I've published 6 books (flip through Volume 4: and I'm working on the next version of this art and I'm very excited to publish a new book soon. The art created from this project may also be used in my other huge creative endeavor: I am the Creative Director Artfull Mother Magazine! (

   All models receive the henna design of their choice and 4 watermarked images from our sessions together. I ask that all models sign a model release and contribute $30 towards materials. 
   Please submit all model requests to:

  This magazine is devoted to the interests of mothers and the art that empowers them! Anyone can enjoy the magazine, though I've designed it to be a LOCAL resource so the new mamas coming into this community can find them. If you are a local mother, I would love you to participate with this project. I am seeking true stories / expressions of motherhood. Do you create art of any kind? Write poetry? Have you written your birth story or another unique story about being a mama? One Lafayette mama submitted a story about when she asked her daughter if she remembered being in her belly and she said YES.

  (Read that one here: ).
  Please submit your stories to: