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Modeling Opportunities  ~ Fall 2016 ~ Colorado

 I am excited to announce another season of modeling opportunities!

Staying creative in my art form is so important, and I love what each one of these projects brings out in me. This year I am adding a pregnant mama dancing project! Please read through each project, they each have different requirements and timing.


1.  Mama Henna ~ Mama Dancing

   This super fun art project is happening over Labor Day (Sept 4th/5th) and involves a 1 to 2 hour henna pampering session followed by photos when the henna is fresh and dark (I only use all natural henna). Then you'll come to Debbie Lane's Dancing for Birth class ( at The Family Garden in Longmont on Tuesday Sept 7th at 6:30pm. Your henna will be peaking in color and looking fabulous. I'll wrap you in silky things including a special skirt & coin belt. There are absolutely no requirements for dancing ability, the only requirement is that you are pregnant. We will photograph you moving through the amazing feminine process Debbie takes you through. You will sign a model release and receive several images to share. The cost is: $30 for the henna & $12 for the class. To get an idea of the type of work I do, look at another project I did earlier in the year with Faith Davis teaching prenatal yoga at the mama'hood ( )
  Please submit all model requests to:

2. Blessed Belly, Blessed Baby: Honoring Motherhood with Henna Tattoos

This is an ongoing art project I've been working on officially since 2008. Adoring women with henna during pregnancy & postpartum is a tradition from Africa and I love to recreate that with women. For this art project I am looking for women due in October, November, December and January. I ask that women be a blank canvas - in terms of not having visible tattoos to work around. (I do make exceptions for women who are also willing to pose nude or have multiples)  So far I've published 6 books (flip through Volume4: and I'm working on the next version of this art and I'm very excited to publish a new book soon. The art created from this project may also be used in my other huge creative endeavor: I am the Creative Director Artfull Mother Magazine!
   Please submit all model requests to:

3. Artfull Mother Magazine

  This magazine is devoted to the interests of mothers and the art that empowers them! Anyone can enjoy the magazine, though I've designed it to be a LOCAL resource so the new mamas coming into this community can find them. If you are a local mother, I would love you to participate with this project. I am seeking true stories / expressions of motherhood. Do you create art of any kind? Write poetry? Have you written your birth story or another unique story about being a mama? One Lafayette mama submitted a story about when she asked her daughter if she remembered being in her belly and she said YES.

  (Read that one here: ).
  Please submit your stories to:

4. Rainbow Baby Maternity Group Photo

  This project is a collaboration I'm doing with Miracle Kisses (Denver photographer Samantha Jessup) and it includes 2 hours of henna pampering for pregnancy & at 6 months, private and group photos (with Samantha Jessup) for pregnancy and 6 months, with a color of the rainbow for each mama. It also includes a newborn in-home photography session with Samantha. There are custom props and outfits as well as professional hair and make up. The first session is on September 17th.

  Call Samantha for all the details: 720-541-0775 See her work: ( )


All models receive:

 o  An amazing tattoo with their own custom design that will last 1 to 3 weeks

 o  4 watermarked photos to share online or print (4x6 size)

If you are interested in hearing about the modeling dates when they open up, please contact me and let me know!