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Modeling Opportunities  ~ Winter 2016 ~ Boulder, Colorado

 I am excited to announce another season of modeling opportunities!

 Each week I set aside time to adorn 1 new model as a blank canvas, a special art date that I commit to each week to keep my art always flowing and fresh. I ask that each woman modeling truly is a blank canvas, in terms of not having any permanent tattoos where they would be visible in photographing the artwork. [Women with visible permanent tattoos may certainly be included in the art projects I do, however they must pay my regular rate.] I encourage women to contribute a vision for the design, anything from a spark of an idea to a strong feeling and detailed imagery.

 I am seeking new models for these two ongoing art projects: Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.

Art Honoring Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

All models are required to:

 o Come to my home studio in NE Boulder for a 1 ½ - 3 hour adornment and return to my studio 2 or 3 days later for a 30 - 90 minute photography session. Some modeling will require coming for an additional day to be adorned with a 2nd layer of henna. 

 o  Contribute $30 cash for materials

 o  Commit to being on time for your appointments ~ they are at specific times during the week and the timing can not be changed.

 o  Not have any visible permanent tattoos (unless you've modeled with me before)

 o  Pregnancy models are adorned 4 to 8 weeks before their due date. I am espeically interested in having 1 or 2 models do "full body henna" where they come for two long henna sessions. These full body henna models will be photographed nude, respectfully of course. 

o  Pregnant models may include their mother in the henna & photography if you both have a good connection. Of course big brothers and sisters are welcome to come along too for photos, and if your child is old enough (at least 6) I am happy to give him/her henna too. If you wish to have your husband along for photos that is fine as well. 

 o  Breastfeeding models must not be shy, they will be adorned topless ~ and they need to find/bring childcare for their little one(s) on the day I adorn mama with henna.

 o  All models will be photographed by myself and my husband Rob, who may take in progress photos as well as set up time-lapse photography. This year we are working on creating video as well for our youtube channel.

 o  Help us spread the word by sharing my business cards / posting a link / changing your profile photo to one of our henna session

 o  Sign a model release


All models receive:

 o  An amazing tattoo with their own custom design that will last 1 to 3 weeks

 o  4 watermarked photos to share online or print (4x6 size)

If you are interested in hearing about the modeling dates when they open up, please contact me and let me know! I am booking models for October, November & December 2015.