A Henna Pampering is an artistic journey ~ and the first part involves choosing elements of your design. For some women a tree of life with roots, or a mandala (flower) centered around their belly button is what they want, while others choose elaborate symbolic creations. I love to see what each woman will chose, and I enjoy the challenge of painting unique designs.  During the process of researching different options and starting places for a woman's personal creation, she may send me a descriptions, links, Pinterest boards ~ the more detail the better.

When the time comes for your appointment, often women come to my henna studio, to recline in my special chair to be adorned. I am also willing to come to your home, to pamper you, making sure you are relaxed, comfortable and feeling safe is the first order. Henna Pampering Sessions start at 90 minutes, which is plenty of time for me paint a beautiful design on your belly. Often women ask me to paint their hands, feet or go further up the belly and even cover their breasts. I love to lavish women with henna and I can paint for hours. I have photos of spectacular designs covering beautiful pregnant women to inspire your own work of art.

The henna will dry and harden and stick to you until you rub or scrape it off before bedtime. At this point the henna tattoo will be very light, and it will oxidize over the next 2 - 3 days, getting darker each day.   l love to schedule photos when the henna is peaking in color ~ 2 or 3 days after you've been adorned. 

A Photo Session can take from 15 minutes to an hour or more depending on the photo package you choose. It is important to me to photograph this fleeting art, and I love to create a book each year featuring all the pregnant mamas I've celebrated with.  Though the actual body art only lasts 1 - 3 weeks, the photos are beautiful keep sakes that can be admired for generations.

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pregnancy henna tattoos ~ custom body art created spontaneously for mothers to celebrate pregnancy ~ art and photography by SarahKate Butterworth
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