Postpartum Henna Pampering can stand alone or be part of a Pregnancy + Postpartum Henna Pampering package.  For mamas of new babies, we are happy to come to you for the Henna pampering and photographs.   Postpartum Henna Pampering starts with the development of your design and deciding where you want me to paint you (Hands are common and some times chest).  Women who've had Pregnancy Henna with me, often wish to continue a design motif, or we work together to create a new special design, just for you.   Postpartum Henna is normally for the hands, hands all the way up, as a sleeve and we can do your feet which feels great and is really fun.  When it comes to painting shoulders or near breasts I have an offering Henna Pampering for Nursing Mamas which is more suited for a little older babies who can go without nursing for more that 3 -4 hrs while the henna dries.

The Berber People or Imazighen are an ancient North African culture who are thought to have been using Henna before humans wrote things down and from whom many of today's Henna Traditions stem.  Postpartum Henna Pampering is a fine example of our adaptation of the ancient tradition from the Berbers, who adorn the Mamas while very pregnant  and then again in the first days after birth.  The Berbers adorn the new Mama's hands and feet as a blessing and to protect her. The henna, they believe, guards against evil spirits (infection & postpartum depression ???). This would also signify a very rare time period in a woman's life, a few short days where she will be allowed to recover and her family would have to make due without her critical contribution, before her returning the daily work.

I love recreating this tradition with women today, starting with pregnancy henna and then painting them again after birthing. Today it's not so much about back breaking labor, for women today it's more about taking for you (the mama) to heal one's body and become used to a new life. Many woman enjoy my coming to their homes shortly after birth, while they are resting in their bed or reclining on their own comfortable sofa to receive their henna pampering. They are then empowered by the thread that connects us all to enjoy their days of healing and adjusting, just as the ancient ones did long ago.


postpartum henna tattoos are traditionally done in the first 9 days to support the mama staying home and resting ~ in beauty ~ art and photography by SarahKate Butterworth SKB
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