I love being asked to create Tattoo Art  for women who are considering a permanent tattoo.  I think is is neat to be able to try on a tattoo before committing to something so permanent.   As always, I am up front and remind the people who ask for this work that I have a unique style, it that is what you want, then you've come to the right place...  however, please don't ask me to draw something in another style or copy someone else's work. 

Each design I do is custom and unique to that person, and theirs exclusively, forever. (i.e. each design comes with perpetual, exclusive rights to the work).  A design project begins with a brief appointment in person is always best but I am available over Skype or the phone to discuss your artistic vision.  I normally will draw out 2 variations for your inspection, we then have an additional meeting to discuss my work, you'll then pick the one you like best and I can make any final enhancements needed to get the design you are looking for, I will add apply the design to you, where you want the tattoo to be and get the design in which ever file format you wish as part of the service.  

Sarahkatebutterworth Henna Tattoos Artist Design and Photography

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