I began offering Breastfeeding Henna in support of the Mamas who were standing up to the narrow minded people who didn't know the difference between erotica and the normal, necessary, natural feeding of a young Human being.  To paint enough to show off and maintain a modicum of discression, I ended-up covering a whole lot of skin and an amazing effect, even if those who can "fully enjoy it" are limited.  Since the first, many woman have come for Breastfeeding Henna, to acknowledge and commerate the loving bond created between mother and child.  As much fun as it is to wear the Henna, commerating this special time with photos, can really capture this brief, special moment in life, with you your child.  

Getting Henna

The appointment begins with you and I creating the design which I will paint on you, many women spend some time thinking about and finding examples of patterns, designs and photos whic speak to them.  I will have normally been in communication about the deisgn and I too  take some time going through my collection of art and looking on line for some examples of what I think you will like.  Once we settle on a design, its into the Henna Chair* with a nice cup of tea and a couple hours of nothing to do but relax and maybe chat.   While relaxing in my spa-like, henna painting chair,  I'll adorn your chest,  your shoulder(s), arm(s) and hand(s) where ever your design takes things.  Each design is unique but expect the henna phase will take 2+ hours to apply and a little longer to be sure its dry before you leave my studio.  

Therein lies the rub:  This is not a good appointment to bring a baby.   To celebrate this wounderous freedom of breastfeeding, your baby will have to go without Breastfeeding, for the durration of the appointment and to allow the henna to dry, a minimum of 4hrs, the longer it stays on the better.   Some babies can go 4 hrs w/o nursing on their own (wow), I whole heartedly support and favor nursing on demand for all nursers.  Please DO NOT think of withhold feeding to make your henna darker.   While not strickly non-tocixic, things babies put  in their hands, they put in their mouths and henna tastes really terrible.  

This is a great appointment for experienced Nursing mommas, especially with older little ones, to commerate and celebrate nursing.

Breastfeeding Photographs 

You'll return ideally in 2 or 3 days, when your henna is at its peak with your nursling(s) for photos in my studio.    We normally will spend about 20 to 45 minutes and capture up to 3 distinct positions and costume changes.  A position is something like: laying down, on the raised "bed prop" we start with choosiong colors, then silky tops or drapes.  Dressed and painted (looking awesome) you'll do what comes natural to the two of you; nurse on each side, on your back, sitting up.  We then take a moment, change cloths then try sitting in a chair, and standing.  You can change colors, hair styles or jewlery (you may have brought with for the appointment).  You may also includ signifigant others / husbands and children...   Some women bring their mothers for some very powerful multi-generational photographs.

Outdoor photography is an option as weather permits, we have some beautiful spots, nearby and easily accessable for baby photos.

Baby photos are very difficult to predict, we are very paitent with children and set aside plenty to time to ensure we get the specal keep sake you'll cherrish for years to come.  Our plan going into each shoot is to make momma and baby as comfortable and relaxed as possible, this is where we will capture the most plesent and lifelike photos.  It is natural for me and even more for my grip (dh ~ Rob),  to move at the pace best for you and your child, likewise, we are open to the suggestions you may have to contribute.

Typical Breastfeeding Photo session 

We will normally geet from 10 to 30 amazing photos of you and your baby plus any family members you may have included in your session. 




breastfeeding body art project ~ henna tattoo design of flowers and swirls and leaves ~ art and photography by SarahKate Butterworth
Teaser picture: