Pregnancy Henna Body:

A Henna Pampering is an artistic journey ~ and the first part involves choosing elements of your design. For some women a tree of life with roots, or a mandala (flower) centered around their belly button is what they want, while others choose elaborate symbolic creations. I love to see what each woman will chose, and I enjoy the challenge of painting unique designs.  During the process of researching different options and starting places for a woman's personal creation, she may send me a descriptions, links, Pinterest boards ~ the more detail the better.

When the time comes for your appointment, often women come to my henna studio, to recline in my special chair to be adorned. I am also willing to come to your home, to pamper you, making sure you are relaxed, comfortable and feeling safe is the first order. Henna Pampering Sessions start at 90 minutes, which is plenty of time for me paint a beautiful design on your belly. Often women ask me to paint their hands, feet or go further up the belly and even cover their breasts. I love to lavish women with henna and I can paint for hours. I have photos of spectacular designs covering beautiful pregnant women to inspire your own work of art.

The henna will dry and harden and stick to you until you rub or scrape it off before bedtime. At this point the henna tattoo will be very light, and it will oxidize over the next 2 - 3 days, getting darker each day.   l love to schedule photos when the henna is peaking in color ~ 2 or 3 days after you've been adorned. 

A Photo Session can take from 15 minutes to an hour or more depending on the photo package you choose. It is important to me to photograph this fleeting art, and I love to create a book each year featuring all the pregnant mamas I've celebrated with.  Though the actual body art only lasts 1 - 3 weeks, the photos are beautiful keep sakes that can be admired for generations.

pregnancy henna tattoos ~ custom body art created spontaneously for mothers to celebrate pregnancy ~ art and photography by SarahKate Butterworth pregnancy henna tattoos ~ custom body art created spontaneously for mothers to celebrate pregnancy ~ art and photography by SarahKate Butterworth
Artists - Business, Tattoos, Murals Body:

In addition to painting on people, I have expanded my canvas, so to speak, working with businesses creating logos, product branding, marketing campaigns as well as works with websites from designs to creating custom graphics as needed.   I  have collected some interesting samples of my work, and a new section of this site devoted to this part of my work: Artistic Business Services:

I am available to create the Graphics - Logos - Website Features - Photography & Murals -  to beautify and communicate.  Please take a few moments to browse this website where you can see my current technique  Henna Style;   I am applying to new non-henna work, there are good examples of my st website has a small fraction of the work I created over the last 10 years here  SarahKate's Artistic Design - for logos, advertising, decoration...  SarahKate's Artistic Design - for logos, advertising, decoration...
Permanent Tattoos Body:

I love being asked to create Tattoo Art  for women who are considering a permanent tattoo.  I think is is neat to be able to try on a tattoo before committing to something so permanent.   As always, I am up front and remind the people who ask for this work that I have a unique style, it that is what you want, then you've come to the right place...  however, please don't ask me to draw something in another style or copy someone else's work. 

Each design I do is custom and unique to that person, and theirs exclusively, forever. (i.e. each design comes with perpetual, exclusive rights to the work).  A design project begins with a brief appointment in person is always best but I am available over Skype or the phone to discuss your artistic vision.  I normally will draw out 2 variations for your inspection, we then have an additional meeting to discuss my work, you'll then pick the one you like best and I can make any final enhancements needed to get the design you are looking for, I will add apply the design to you, where you want the tattoo to be and get the design in which ever file format you wish as part of the service.  

Sarahkatebutterworth Henna Tattoos Artist Design and Photography Sarahkatebutterworth Henna Tattoos Artist Design and Photography
Personal Pampering Body:

You don't need to be pregnant to get henna, celebrate a special occasion, give a gift or relaxation or treat yourself to a little pampering for no reason at all. Call today to make an appointment with SarahKate to get started on putting a smile on your face.

henna tattoos to celebrate major life changes ~ art and photography by SKB ~ SarahKate Butterworth henna tattoos to celebrate major life changes ~ art and photography by SKB ~ SarahKate Butterworth
Generations Body:

   What a unique way to come together and celebrate family! Whether it's just you and your daughter or 3 or 4 generations, body art can be a really fun way to celebrate. We'll begin with a design theme of your choosing and adorn everyone's hand(s) / arm(s) / feet ... whatever you'd like! Henna and photography packages include 2 hours of henna adornment. 

generations of women coming together to celebrate their female lineage with henna tattoos ~ art and photography by SarahKate Butterworth !  SKB generations of women coming together to celebrate their female lineage with henna tattoos ~ art and photography by SarahKate Butterworth !  SKB
Postpartum Henna Body:

Postpartum Henna Pampering can stand alone or be part of a Pregnancy + Postpartum Henna Pampering package.  For mamas of new babies, we are happy to come to you for the Henna pampering and photographs.   Postpartum Henna Pampering starts with the development of your design and deciding where you want me to paint you (Hands are common and some times chest).  Women who've had Pregnancy Henna with me, often wish to continue a design motif, or we work together to create a new special design, just for you.   Postpartum Henna is normally for the hands, hands all the way up, as a sleeve and we can do your feet which feels great and is really fun.  When it comes to painting shoulders or near breasts I have an offering Henna Pampering for Nursing Mamas which is more suited for a little older babies who can go without nursing for more that 3 -4 hrs while the henna dries.

The Berber People or Imazighen are an ancient North African culture who are thought to have been using Henna before humans wrote things down and from whom many of today's Henna Traditions stem.  Postpartum Henna Pampering is a fine example of our adaptation of the ancient tradition from the Berbers, who adorn the Mamas while very pregnant  and then again in the first days after birth.  The Berbers adorn the new Mama's hands and feet as a blessing and to protect her. The henna, they believe, guards against evil spirits (infection & postpartum depression ???). This would also signify a very rare time period in a woman's life, a few short days where she will be allowed to recover and her family would have to make due without her critical contribution, before her returning the daily work.

I love recreating this tradition with women today, starting with pregnancy henna and then painting them again after birthing. Today it's not so much about back breaking labor, for women today it's more about taking for you (the mama) to heal one's body and become used to a new life. Many woman enjoy my coming to their homes shortly after birth, while they are resting in their bed or reclining on their own comfortable sofa to receive their henna pampering. They are then empowered by the thread that connects us all to enjoy their days of healing and adjusting, just as the ancient ones did long ago.


postpartum henna tattoos are traditionally done in the first 9 days to support the mama staying home and resting ~ in beauty ~ art and photography by SarahKate Butterworth SKB postpartum henna tattoos are traditionally done in the first 9 days to support the mama staying home and resting ~ in beauty ~ art and photography by SarahKate Butterworth SKB
Breastfeeding Body:

 I began offering Breastfeeding Henna in support of the Mamas who were standing up to the narrow minded people who didn't know the difference between erotica and the normal, necessary, natural feeding of a young Human being.  To paint enough to show off and maintain a modicum of discression, I ended-up covering a whole lot of skin and an amazing effect, even if those who can "fully enjoy it" are limited.  Since the first, many woman have come for Breastfeeding Henna, to acknowledge and commerate the loving bond created between mother and child.  As much fun as it is to wear the Henna, commerating this special time with photos, can really capture this brief, special moment in life, with you your child.  

Getting Henna

The appointment begins with you and I creating the design which I will paint on you, many women spend some time thinking about and finding examples of patterns, designs and photos whic speak to them.  I will have normally been in communication about the deisgn and I too  take some time going through my collection of art and looking on line for some examples of what I think you will like.  Once we settle on a design, its into the Henna Chair* with a nice cup of tea and a couple hours of nothing to do but relax and maybe chat.   While relaxing in my spa-like, henna painting chair,  I'll adorn your chest,  your shoulder(s), arm(s) and hand(s) where ever your design takes things.  Each design is unique but expect the henna phase will take 2+ hours to apply and a little longer to be sure its dry before you leave my studio.  

Therein lies the rub:  This is not a good appointment to bring a baby.   To celebrate this wounderous freedom of breastfeeding, your baby will have to go without Breastfeeding, for the durration of the appointment and to allow the henna to dry, a minimum of 4hrs, the longer it stays on the better.   Some babies can go 4 hrs w/o nursing on their own (wow), I whole heartedly support and favor nursing on demand for all nursers.  Please DO NOT think of withhold feeding to make your henna darker.   While not strickly non-tocixic, things babies put  in their hands, they put in their mouths and henna tastes really terrible.  

This is a great appointment for experienced Nursing mommas, especially with older little ones, to commerate and celebrate nursing.

Breastfeeding Photographs 

You'll return ideally in 2 or 3 days, when your henna is at its peak with your nursling(s) for photos in my studio.    We normally will spend about 20 to 45 minutes and capture up to 3 distinct positions and costume changes.  A position is something like: laying down, on the raised "bed prop" we start with choosiong colors, then silky tops or drapes.  Dressed and painted (looking awesome) you'll do what comes natural to the two of you; nurse on each side, on your back, sitting up.  We then take a moment, change cloths then try sitting in a chair, and standing.  You can change colors, hair styles or jewlery (you may have brought with for the appointment).  You may also includ signifigant others / husbands and children...   Some women bring their mothers for some very powerful multi-generational photographs.

Outdoor photography is an option as weather permits, we have some beautiful spots, nearby and easily accessable for baby photos.

Baby photos are very difficult to predict, we are very paitent with children and set aside plenty to time to ensure we get the specal keep sake you'll cherrish for years to come.  Our plan going into each shoot is to make momma and baby as comfortable and relaxed as possible, this is where we will capture the most plesent and lifelike photos.  It is natural for me and even more for my grip (dh ~ Rob),  to move at the pace best for you and your child, likewise, we are open to the suggestions you may have to contribute.

Typical Breastfeeding Photo session 

We will normally geet from 10 to 30 amazing photos of you and your baby plus any family members you may have included in your session. 




breastfeeding body art project ~ henna tattoo design of flowers and swirls and leaves ~ art and photography by SarahKate Butterworth breastfeeding body art ~ full chest henna tattoo designs ~ art and photography by SKB ~ SarahKate Butterworth
Parties Body:

Body art parties are a lot of fun! Henna is a natural ~ when it comes to celebrating special times in a women's life like pregnancy, blessings ways and baby showers, wedding/bridal showers, birthdays, coming of age, and so forth, the list can get quite long.  Normally I will paint the person of honor first, either 2 or 3 days before or earlier the day of the party.  The cost for a party will depend on the number of guests and the size of each tattoo, a rule of thumb for party favor tattoos, goes something like 5 to 15 min each or from 4 to 10 people per hour and an hour for the guest or honor.   I have hosted parties in my studio, where I can paint people in my chair and we can take some nice photos right then too.  These parties have yielded some special photographs, groups of ladies from wedding parties and blessing ways around a guest of honor.  

A Henna Party is a great way to celebrate the special times in a woman's life ~ works great as a gift too!

henna party ~ body art to celebrate ~ tattoos and photography by SKB ~ SarahKate Butterworthssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss henna party ~ body art to celebrate ~ tattoos and photography by SKB ~ SarahKate Butterworth
Murals Body:

It was a happy and supprising day when I discovered that, I can paint my designs, large and beautiful. Call on me to paint doors, walls about anything that can be painted! Contact me with your ideas and I'd be happy to bring art into your home or business.