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Pregnancy Celebration ~ Henna Pampering

Henna, Photos and a Keepsake Book! 

  • Henna Adornment
  • –  1 & 1/2 hours of Henna Pampering = pure relaxation
  • –  I use extra fine, organic henna, an essential oil (eucalyptus): pure, safe and natural
  • –  We collaborate to create the perfect, personalized design, special, for you
  • The Photo Session
  • –  Perfectly lit studio photos, as soon as your henna is dry
  • –  Outdoor Photos same day or 3 days after your appointment (When henna's darkest)
  • –  2nd Photo Shoot Outside, either Same day OR 3 days after your Henna appointment
  • –  Select some outfits from my wardrobe of wrap skirts and colored silks
  • –  Bring your favorite clothes too...
  • –  Discreet topless in the studio and in nature
  • Your Keepsake Book and High Rez Photo Files
  • –  Your own beautiful high-quality (softcover), photo book - a true keepsake
  • –  The 20 best images, from the book in your website account to select your favorites
  • –  Choose 10 of high-resolution files in your account to download and print as you wish
  • –  Photos can include your family or make it all about you!

What happens when you have henna while you birth?

Something rare and beautiful! 

Henna is temporary body art, lasting a week or two, so it's hard to know if the henna will be there for the birth - which has mysterious timing. Roughly 60% of women give birth within a week of their "due date". 

I have been asked many time to adorn a woman for her birth, and about half the time we make it before labor starts! Here are some examples of birthed artwork I've been able to document over the years.

The photo above with deer in the design happened this last December! See more photos in the Winter Issue of Artfull Mother. 

These gorgeous twins are our grandsons! Some times the timing just works out beautifully - we arrived 3 days before she gave birth (at 39 weeks!) and so I had time to adorn our lovely daughter Aleah, and Rob and I photographed her glowing in silky things. 

Kala was actually the first mama to ever request henna for her birth, and we began her sessions 2 weeks before her due date. Every 4 days or so I would meet with her to retrace the design. She gave birth right around her due date.

I have taken all these photos, with the exception of this last one with Monet (below), who was photographed by Rebecca Walsh for her blessing and Jennifer Mason for her birth. Read her birth story and see more photos in our magazine, Artfull Mother

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