Henna Pampering for Young Ladies

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Henna Pampering for Young Ladies

 Girls love body art! Throughout my 13+ years as a henna artist, I have painted hundreds of young women for all kinds of reasons, including birthday parties, coming of age, and graduation to name a few.

  Sometimes I come to their home and paint them & their friends, sometimes they come to my studio for a more quiet, personal experience. Body art is a wonderful way to honor the rite of passage that a young woman is going through. I have been invited to many ceremonies to honor this rite, doing henna inside a teepee in the forest, in a lodge filled with girls and a lovely woman leading the event with songs, as well as in a warm cozy living room with the fire blazing and mom and daughter laughing and chatting while I adorn them both. I have driven deep into the mountains and all over the Denver area for events like this, they are such a delight to behold. 

   I have painted my own daughters many, many times and love photographing them in henna as the color peaks (after 2 or 3 days). I've adorned grandmother, mother and daughter for Generational Henna, which was a blast! 

  Recently I had a mom I'd adorned for pregnancy ask me to give her daughter special birthday henna to celebrate turning 12. Nina spent 90 minutes sitting in my special henna chair and we created this design (below)  based on her interests. 

  She returned a few days later and we photographed her glowing in henna. Just beautiful! It is a real treat for young women to experience this and have the photos as a keep sake. 

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