Early Spring Pregnancy Celebration: March 2017

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Early Spring Pregnancy Celebration: March 2017

  I am so happy to have created this art today! I had the pleasure of getting to know this lovely mama, due with her 2nd child. She requested a tree with birds in it, and this design just came through.

 I had fun incorporating several birds, including a mama bird & 2 baby birds. I love adding in all the details with henna, it's a medium that resonates so deeply with me. The adornment took nearly 2 hours, and I love the final result. 

  We walked down the hall to the photo studio and I snapped this lovely one...

  Then we traveled outside, and walked for a few minutes. The trees are JUST starting to get their leaves (in March! in Colorado!) and it's a warm day.  I adore this color green - fresh and new - spring in Colorado : paired with this lovely pregnant mama, glowing and gorgeous. 

  Check out this cloud in the sky - it looks like a bird... similar to the one on her belly. 

  Raising our eyes to the sky, embracing new life, new beginnings. I love celebrating pregnancy like this!

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