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Pregnancy Celebration ~ Henna Pampering

Henna, Photos and a Keepsake Book! 

  • Henna Adornment
  • –  1 & 1/2 hours of Henna Pampering = pure relaxation
  • –  I use extra fine, organic henna, an essential oil (eucalyptus): pure, safe and natural
  • –  We collaborate to create the perfect, personalized design, special, for you
  • The Photo Session
  • –  Perfectly lit studio photos, as soon as your henna is dry
  • –  Outdoor Photos same day or 3 days after your appointment (When henna's darkest)
  • –  2nd Photo Shoot Outside, either Same day OR 3 days after your Henna appointment
  • –  Select some outfits from my wardrobe of wrap skirts and colored silks
  • –  Bring your favorite clothes too...
  • –  Discreet topless in the studio and in nature
  • Your Keepsake Book and High Rez Photo Files
  • –  Your own beautiful high-quality (softcover), photo book - a true keepsake
  • –  The 20 best images, from the book in your website account to select your favorites
  • –  Choose 10 of high-resolution files in your account to download and print as you wish
  • –  Photos can include your family or make it all about you!

About SarahKate

  Hi! I have always loved art, though I didn't get serious about it until I was nearly 30 - when I found my medium of henna. 15 years later and I am so happy with the art I've created and all the projects I've been involved in!

  I am part of the team helping to create the local women's gathering: Red Earth Herbal Gathering. This year it will be on September 13th to 15th, at Peaceful Meadow Retreat here in Boulder. I am so excited to go - it will be my 3rd year in a row! Check out my blog posts (before & after) about last year's gathering. 

  I also had a chance to take my first henna class EVER at Henna Con this past year in California! I finally learned how to use a henna cone (I had been using an applicator for 15 years....) and I met so many amazing women. This was a huge highlight of 2018! I hope to make it there again this year. 

  To read a little more about my journey, check out this blog post where I share more about my life as an Artist.

Want to know more? Check out my 2019 Spring Art Update.   

Posted by   SarahKate

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