Birthday Henna

 Birthday henna can be a fabulous way to celebrate your birthday, especially if you are approaching a “major” birthday. I am happy to come to your home or you are welcome to come to my home studio to be adorned for an hour and a half with the design of your choosing. For the maximum luxury, plan to celebrate your birthday with a party 2 or 3 days after I adorn you with henna, that way your henna is peaking in color and beauty on your special day. I am happy to come to your party and adorn your guests while you lounge, feast and chat with them. I’m exploring the art of portraiture and I am offering a complimentary photo shoot in my home studio  for birthday girls when your henna is peaking in color. I will email out 4 printable (wallet size) and shareable photos. Additional prints and henna are at an additional cost. Individual Henna Pampering Session (90 min) $90 Additional henna time $60/hour Maximum Henna Luxury: An additional Henna Party for friends $200 for the first 2 hours, $100/hour after that.Photo shoot (2 or 3 days later in our home studio) is complimentary