Graphics - Logos - Websites - Photography - Murals

 I am happy to be offering a whole new line of services, digitizing my art into web-practical applications!

 I draw strength from my feminine side and flow with the visions that are shared with me, bringing light and form to my client’s heartfelt desires. I am a prolific artist and delight in creating not only body art but also graphics, logos, and murals. I work with my outstanding husband Rob as a team to create websites as well as professional portrait and product photography.

 Custom art makes your business SHINE!


 I have made several logos and I really love the process of listening and creating something beautiful and unique for each of my clients. We begin with a meeting in person (or skype) and discuss ideas. I will do research and imagine new things,  and come back with a few ideas to pursue. From there we pick one concept and I refine the image until the client is satisfied. Logos can be black and white or full color, and all files are included.




I work with my amazing husband Rob to create the graphics for websites. With his technical know how he can make all the nuts and bolts in the background work smoothly. Since 2008, his full service web company,, has been providing expert website support and development. Everything from building or modifying websites, online stores, mobile apps to company email systems. What makes Rob unique is ability to truly listen and help clients create new business, save money and increase customer satisfaction.


 We also work together to create professional portrait and product photography. Since we were teenagers we’ve been practicing photography, and we each bring a unique perspective to the art. Over the years we’ve developed a harmonious way of working together to create a huge variety of photos.  








I love to draw on windows and walls! My murals can be of spontaneous design or carefully researched and sketched works of art. This mural of Saraswati involved many hours of artistic research and careful sketching before I transferred it to the wall of Mindy's yoga studio - Maitri Yoga in Arvada.

My doodles spring from my hand, one flower after, and can fill a whole window or wall. I've covered doors and windows with this type of art.

I also enjoy doing the artistic research to create exactly the image you have in mind.






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